Why the Exterior of Your Home Must Be Clean Before Repainting

calander Apr 16 , 2022 user-icon Nash Painting

Achieving the most durable and beautiful paint jobs requires proper preparation. Surface preparation includes several tasks, and cleaning is among the most important for interior & exterior painting projects alike. When planning to repaint your home’s exterior, you’ll want to thoroughly wash its surfaces with a pressure washer prior to painting. Let’s go over why it’s so important to clean the outside of your home before repainting it.

Why You Should Clean the Outside of Your Home Before Repainting

Paint Doesn’t Stick Well to Dirty Surfaces

Paint is meant to be sticky. However, paint won’t cling as strongly to a surface if smaller particles are standing in the way. Herein lies the problem with attempting to paint a dirty exterior. When dust, dirt, and grime are present, your exterior house paint won’t have easy access to the underlying surface, instead sticking to the various types of debris scattered across your siding. As a result, your paint job is more likely to peel and chip away over time. If you want your paint job to stand the test of time, then you must get all of this debris out of the way before applying exterior paint.

Dirty Surfaces Disrupt Proper Paint Drying

Improper paint adhesion isn’t the only issue that comes up when painting dirty surfaces. The drying process is also at stake. To dry properly, paint must be applied in the proper conditions. Humidity is one factor to watch for – if the air is too moist, the paint will struggle to evaporate and prolong dry times. Surface cleanliness (or lack thereof) is another factor here. When applied to a dirty surface, paint goes on unevenly, meaning certain portions may dry faster or slower than others. Painting a clean surface under the right humidity and temperature conditions will allow your exterior paint to dry at the proper rate.

You Don’t Want to Trap Dirt Between Your Siding and Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint will conceal surface imperfections. That said, it’s always best to correct underlying problems before you paint. Doing so helps prevent smaller issues from evolving into larger ones. So, while painting over a dirty surface can certainly brighten up your home’s exterior, that grime will still be there, caught between your siding and fresh paint job. Though not visible, this trapped dirt can continue to cause deterioration. If you want to protect your home’s integrity, make sure you get rid of all the dirt before slapping on fresh paint.

A Clean Exterior Is a Smooth Exterior

If you’re going to go through the trouble of repainting your house exterior, you’ll want to ensure that the results are worth the effort and cost. Anything less than a smooth, even finish isn’t acceptable. Attempting to paint your home when it’s covered in dirt and grime will yield a rough, bumpy, uneven finish, far from your desired outcome. Conversely, cleaning your home before embarking on exterior painting will provide a smooth surface for your fresh coats.

You Should Wash Your Home Exterior Periodically Anyway

If nothing else, preparing to paint your home’s exterior provides the perfect excuse to invest in residential pressure washing. Indeed, experts recommend washing your exterior features at least once a year (ideally every 6 months or so). If your home is overdue for a washing or you’re gearing up for exterior painting, Nash Painting can help. We offer pressure washing, painting, repair, and maintenance services for clients across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!