Why Working with a Painter Whose Reputation Revolves Around Being on Time Is Essential

calander Jun 15 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

It’s always a good idea to look into a painting contractor’s reputation prior to hiring them. These days, browsing online reviews and testimonials is the easiest way to get a sense of a company’s quality. Of course, you should be on the lookout for fake reviews, as we discussed in a recent blog: “How to Know You're Reading Real Painter Reviews to Ensure You Get the Best Service.” When reading real reviews, certain attributes and buzzwords should be on your radar, such as “professional,” “thorough,” “trustworthy,” “responsive,” and “timely.” This last word, “timely,” indicates a lot about a painting contractor and previews how your upcoming project might pan out should you work with them. If local painters are well-known for their track record of being on time, they deserve your consideration when comparing options. Here’s why working with a painter whose reputation revolves around timeliness is essential for ensuring a stellar paint project.

Your Time Is Valuable

The phrase “time is money” is used frequently for a reason. After all, the time we spend doing one thing could be spent doing any number of other things, some of which are more or less productive than the alternative. You shouldn’t spend every waking moment of your life weighing these opportunity costs, of course, but you should also try not to waste time if possible. Painting projects inevitably take some time to complete. A smaller project might only span several hours, while a full overhaul can take multiple days, weeks, or even months. No matter the scope of your project, however, you don’t want it to go on any longer than is necessary for achieving the best results. Even if you’re fond of your painters, no one wants to have contractors inside and outside their property for days or weeks on end -- it interferes with your daily life and can cause heaps of frustration.

Painters with a track record of timeliness understand that your time is valuable to you and others. As such, they make a point to show up precisely when they say they will and waste no time getting started. By simply starting on time each and every day, your painters ensure that the job gets done according to schedule so you’re not left in the dark or dealing with dragged out projects when you have things to do.

Timeliness Is Tied to Trustworthiness

Every aspect of a painter’s reputation is inextricably linked together. In other words, one admirable quality often suggests another and another. When a painter is deemed “timely” by multiple customers, they will likely receive other kinds of compliments as well, such as “professional,” “communicative,” “reliable,” and so on. Each of these words has unique connotations, but they all speak to a painter’s overall commitment to quality. Indeed, timeliness suggests many other positive aspects of an interior & exterior painting service -- trustworthiness perhaps most of all.

You must put a great deal of trust in the painting services you hire. After all, these workers are responsible for the appearance and integrity of your surfaces and must move freely in and out of your home or business. Additionally, as mentioned above, your painters influence your schedule and take up space. It’s not always easy to gauge a painter’s reliability from the outset. However, you can often trust painters that are known to be on time. When you know your contractor will show up on time every time, you won’t have to waste time tracking them down or rescheduling your projects. Moreover, punctuality inherently suggests that the painter takes their role seriously and will maintain the highest standards throughout. Conversely, a painter that tends to show up late without warning will always carry the stain of dishonesty and indifference.

Timing Is Essential for Paint Projects

The importance of timeliness isn’t just about respecting your time and conveying trustworthiness -- time and timing are also a key component of the paint job itself. When it comes to exterior house painting or building painting, for instance, the time of year and time of day the project occurs can have a major impact on outcomes. Consider natural lighting and temperature shifts throughout the day. Painters must carefully work with the clock to optimize their processes, often starting early to avoid working in oppressive heat and taking the sun’s position into account to stay in the shade as they go. Sunlight and heat also affect paint consistency and dry times. Even starting a half an hour late can throw off this delicate dance with time, slowing down the entire job and potentially interfering with the paint application itself. Painters who are on time, then, can get the job done more efficiently and provide better results.

Businesses Require Efficient Paint Jobs

Time is a significant factor for all painting projects, but especially for commercial painting projects. If you’re investing in a new coat of paint for your business, chances are you’ll need to temporarily close your doors or at least cordon off portions of your property at a time. Any time you have to restrict hours or occupancy, you’re potentially missing out on sales (remember: time is money). In other words, there is truly no time to waste when painting your business, and it’s key that your commercial painting contractors work smoothly. Working with a painter whose reputation revolves around being on time will help you reduce downtime, keeping your business open and safe for all.

Timeliness Doesn’t Mean Taking Shortcuts

There’s a common misconception that being on time and getting things done quickly translate to shoddy work and shortcuts. While some painters might fall into this trap, reliable professional painters don’t sacrifice quality for speed. On the contrary, being on time allows painters to tackle projects more strategically and provides a larger window for performing proper technique. If you’re wondering, for example, “how long does it take to paint kitchen cabinets?” the answer will largely depend not only on the painter’s experience and skill but also their ability to be on time each and every day. A cabinet painting project that might take a week for an unreliable painter may only take two or three days for a timely one. Best of all, the reliable and timely painter will likely yield more durable results than the one who spent more time seeking shortcuts and making false starts.

Time to Hire a Reputable Painting Contractor?

There are many qualities to look for in a local painting contractor. Timeliness, however, encapsulates and suggests so many positive attributes in one package. If you’re seeking a painter near Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood, TN with a reputation for being on time, look no further than Nash Painting. Read our testimonials for a taste of what our timeliness means to our customers. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!