Winter is Coming: How to Protect Your Home

calander Dec 9 , 2019 user-icon Nash Painting

Winter. Some say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, filled with family, friends, and food. Others dread this season for its cold temperatures, icy roads, and slushy sidewalks. Whether you love or hate winter, or have mixed feelings, there’s no denying that it’s on its way. In fact, for some, it’s already arrived.

Winter weather can have devastating effects on your home, both inside and out. If you plan on keeping your property intact and your family safe this season, you need to prepare accordingly.

Hiring professional exterior house painters is a good start, but there’s more to consider than just that. Here are some important measures from protecting your home this winter.

Seal Those Gaps

If your home isn’t properly sealed, it’s vulnerable to moisture, cold air, and pests looking for warmth. Take the time to caulk all gaps inside and outside your home. Pay particular attention to the areas around doors and windows, as these are usually the weakest points.

If you don’t have the tools or the knowledge to perform this task, hire a professional contractor to inspect your home and seal every crack they find.

Clean Your Gutters

You’ve probably seen gutters get contorted and wrecked by ice in winters past. This happens when gutters are clogged and moisture gets stuck inside. When temperatures get low enough, this moisture will freeze and expand, weighing down or breaking apart your gutters. Additionally, this ice can creep underneath your roof’s shingles, breaking them or tearing them off. Missing shingles can result in moisture and air intrusion inside your home, which can cause your energy bills to skyrocket and damage your interior.

So, before it gets too cold, make sure you clean out your gutters thoroughly to ensure proper water flow away from your home.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Your home relies on various external and internal pipes to bring water into your home and send it out. If the water inside these pipes freezes, it can lead to backed up and broken pipes. This can leave your home without water or a functional plumbing system.

To prevent frozen pipes, invest in pipe insulation, especially for pipes in unheated interior areas. When temperatures get extremely cold, you can also keep your pipes from freezing by letting the water run (even just a trickle). And, in general, try to keep your home warm during the winter. Make sure your insulation is effective and your heating system is functional.

Have Your Heating Checked

On that note, checking your furnace or heating system before winter comes isn’t just important for preventing frozen pipes, but also crucial for keeping your home safe and warm all season. Filters, fireplaces, chimneys, and thermostats should be inspected and cleaned or replaced, if necessary.

Protect Your Deck

No matter the season, your exterior spaces are always more susceptible to damage than your interiors. Of course, winter is often the most ruthless season of all, bringing cold air, snow and ice, and high winds all at once.

If you have a deck or patio, these conditions can do a number on it. It doesn’t take much for moisture to seep into the wood and freeze. And once spring rolls around, you might find that much of your deck has begun to rot. To avoid this, thoroughly clean your deck and then apply a waterproof deck stain or sealant to keep moisture from entering the wood’s pores.

Clean and Paint Your Exterior

Like your deck or patio, your entire home’s exterior is wide open to winter’s scorn. While some damage can’t be avoided, you can level the playing field by washing your home and investing in a fresh coat of paint for added protection.

If your exterior paint job is relatively recent, you might only hire power washing services. Cleaning your home this way helps remove dust, dirt, mold, and mildew and prepares it for painting. Indeed, some exterior painting services actually perform power washing before getting to work, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Winter is coming, and it’s up to you to protect your home from its wrath. You might be overwhelmed by everything you need to do to get ready. To lighten your load, hire a Nashville painting company that goes above and beyond mere painting services.

At Nash Painting, our team can power wash your home, prepare your surfaces, and paint every exterior and interior surface of your home, including your deck. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at (615) 829-6858 today!