Your House is a Home: Preparing for a New Baby!

calander Nov 17 , 2016 user-icon Nash Painting

Congratulations, you are having a baby! With only a few months left before his or her birth, it’s important to accomplish as much as possible early on so you can save yourself from stressing; after all, there will be endless things to do once the baby is born. To help you prepare for your new baby now, here’s a list of things to consider to help prepare your home for your little one’s arrival.


While you want your baby’s room to look as cute as possible, it’s even more important to keep it safe. This means holding back the desire to overcrowd the room with baby toys and organizing the room in a way that’s convenient for you. In other words, focus first on the basic amenities like a crib, changing table, and a dresser. A rocking chair is also a great thing to have, as it will be a relaxing time for you to bond with your baby. There will be plenty of time to add in the toys later!

Baby Proofing

Baby proofing your home may take longer than you expect, so make it easy on yourself and get started on it now. If you have a nice grown-up house with fancy furniture made of glass or metal, you are going to want to “smooth the edges” as those materials aren’t very baby-friendly. Remove anything breakable or sharp from your home and if you seriously cannot imagine living without it, put it far out of reach or even bubble wrap it. Additionally, you are going to want to “lock it down,” which means double checking that you secure all furniture that is likely to tip over once the baby starts crawling. Cover all electric sockets, purchase safety latches for cabinets, get rid of magnets, and make sure that there are no dangling cords for either window blinds or appliances. After you do all of this, double check what you’ve done and look for more ways to make your house safe as possible!

Baby Monitor

Consider purchasing a dependable baby monitor so you can always keep an eye on your infant. You’ll quickly learn that you can’t be in all places at all times, so having a baby monitor will help ease your stress levels when you aren’t with your baby and alert you about any problems that might arise.

Digital Camera

With everyone essentially having a camera in their pockets 24/7 with their cellular devices, this shouldn’t be too hard to come by. That being said, don’t forget to use it! Documenting your baby’s earliest days will provide you with lasting memories for a lifetime.

Feed Yourself

Don’t forget about yourself. Your first few days home from the hospital will be extremely busy for your family and odds are there won’t be much time for cooking. Go to the supermarket and stock up on freezer meals or if you prefer, prepare your own food and put it in the freezer. Either way, plan ahead so don’t grow ‘hangry’ with your newborn baby!

Important Numbers

Compile a list of important phone numbers – poison control, your baby’s pediatrician, your doctor, etc. – and post them near the phone. Also, if you ever plan to have a babysitter, include all possible emergency contacts you can think of on the list.

Of course there is always more you can do to prepare your home for your newborn baby. However, if you follow these six suggestions, you will be well on your way to ensuring your home is well on its way for your baby. Get excited, you’re going to be a parent!