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How to Budget Your Home Projects

If only we could snap our fingers and have all of our home renovation desires come to fruition. Of course, unless you have access to a genie’s lamp an..

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Curb Appeal: 10 Ways to Give Your Home a Facelift

Your home’s curb appeal refers to its attractiveness when viewed from the outside. Most homeowners take pride in their property and want to maximize t..

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Kitchen Cabinets: Staining vs Painting

Your kitchen’s overall appearance is largely influenced by its cabinets, as these functional features occupy plenty of space. So, when it’s time to up..

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How to Remove Old Lead Paint

The use of lead paint has been banned for nearly 50 years now due to the link between the presence of lead paint and brain damage, as well as other he..

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Should I Touch Up or Replace Damaged Paint?

When properly applied, high-quality paint is designed to last a long time. Still, not even the best paint jobs last forever. Over time, various factor..

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Brush painting a fence brown

What to Know When Painting Your Fence

Fences serve an important function while also contributing to a home’s overall outward appearance. As such, these prominent exterior features deserve ..

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