The Nash Painting Difference

There’s no secret sauce; just hard work


We at Nash Painting have earned ourselves a reputation for uncompromising quality for one simple reason: we work harder than anyone else. Our paint jobs have been known to last nearly 20 years (which is pretty mind-blowing), and we deliver on this caliber of work by following a simple but strict process: 

  1. Deep cleansing of brick surface 
  2. Laying a flawless foundation 
  3. Carefully applying a coat of primer 
  4. Sealing vulnerabilities with caulk 
  5. Spraying on coats of elastodynamic paint

Ready to Bring Your Brick to Life?

Both exterior and interior brick painting come with a unique set of challenges, and our team of experts is ready to meet those challenges. In working with Nash Painting, you will receive unmatched quality of service and longevity of work. 

Excellent! Professional, trustworthy, and truly committed to customer satisfaction.
— Kim B
My house looks better today, after their work, than it did when it was brand new.
— Chuck Trotter

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