Chuck Trotter

Often when obtaining bids, the emphasis is on who has the lowest price. It is only after the work is finished that the true cost of the project becomes apparent. I obtained three quotes from painters represented on Angie's List. Nash Painting was not the lowest cost provider but was definitely the best value of the quotes. To describe them as anything less than craftsmen would be a gross understatement. Their knowledge of paints, application, repair, and attention to detail was beyond expectation, not only for Bill but demonstrated by his entire team. There were repairs I have had made during the past year that later became apparent they were not properly done. Bill and his team were able to resolve each of these issues quickly that resulted in the repairs being as they should have done originally. While they are certainly not the least expensive team, when you look at the quality of their work, their attention to detail, their willingness to go back and do something over until it meets their expectations without any prompting from me, makes me believe that they were by far the best value that I could have hired for this project. I certainly will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone and use them again at any point in the future I need their services. My house looks better today, after their work, than it did when it was brand new. Thank you to Bill and his great crew for such care and expertise in this project.

— Chuck Trotter