A Tranquil Transformation: Master Bathroom Makeover in Wardley Park

Amidst the stunning residences of Wardley Park in Brentwood, a serene transformation unfolded. Tucked away in the charming Cloverland Acres neighborhood, one home sought to create a personal sanctuary—a master bathroom radiating calmness, comfort, and understated elegance.

  • Chosen Color:

    Sherwin Williams 6148 “Wool Skein” – Eggshell

  • City: Brentwood
  • County: Williamson
  • Neighborhood: Cloverland Acres in Wardley Park Subdivision
  • Paint Brand Used: Sherwin Williams Cashmere
  • Scope of Work: Painted Master Bathroom - Walls, Ceiling, Baseboards, Door Frames, Windows, and Crown Moulding

The Elegant Revamp:

Wool Skein, a soft neutral with warm undertones, wraps the bathroom in an embrace of serene coziness. As the light interacts with the eggshell finish, the walls come alive, exuding a muted glow that accentuates the room's features.

Master Bathroom Details:

  • Walls: The primary canvas of the bathroom, now adorned in the gentle embrace of Wool Skein, sets a backdrop that complements both contemporary and classic design elements.
  • Ceiling: Often an overlooked aspect, the freshly painted ceiling in Wool Skein seamlessly integrates with the walls, enhancing the overall harmony of the space.
  • Baseboards: Subtly painted to blend seamlessly, these foundational elements frame the room's aesthetic without drawing undue attention.
  • Door Frames & Windows: The defining structures, now rejuvenated, stand as the perfect frame to the view outside and the entrance into this sanctuary.
  • Crown Moulding: The crown moulding, a symbol of timeless elegance, adds a touch of sophistication. Its newly painted form in Wool Skein highlights its intricate details and elevates the room's character.

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