Mountain Stream Dreams: A Mount Juliet Cabinet Revamp

Mount Juliet, nestled in Wilson County, has always been a testament to the fusion of scenic beauty and modern living. In a quaint home here, the owners envisioned bringing the soothing hues of nature indoors. What better way to do this than to re-envision the heart of their abode - the cabinets!

  • Chosen Color:

    SW 7612 Mountain Stream Satin

  • City: Mount Juliet
  • County: Wilson
  • Paint Brand Used: Sherwin Williams Cashmere
  • Scope of Work: Painted Cabinet Body, Doors and Drawer Face Panels

The Cascade of Color:

The choice of SW 7612 Mountain Stream in a satin finish resonated deeply with the homeowners' longing for tranquility. This particular shade is reminiscent of the serene mountain brooks, offering a calm oasis in the midst of daily life.

The project took on the formidable task of painting the cabinet body, which acts as the foundation and sets the overall tone. The doors, seamlessly blending with the structure, were the next canvas. The finishing touch was the drawer face panels, completing the transformation.

A Glimpse into the Process:

Each brush stroke, meticulous and purposeful, aimed to breathe new life into the cabinets. The Emerald line of paints from Sherwin Williams, renowned for its rich and smooth finish, was the ideal choice for this undertaking. The lustrous sheen of satin only enhanced the depth and elegance of the Mountain Stream hue.

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