Highland Creek Deck Delight

Amidst the dynamic landscape of Nashville in Davidson County, the Highland Creek neighborhood remains a blend of suburban tranquility and contemporary vibes. Nestled here is a home that has recently transformed its outdoor living space, taking deck aesthetics and functionality up a notch.

  • Chosen Color:

    Flooring and Steps: Banyon Brown Super Deck Semi-Transparent Stain

    Back of Stair Step & Railing Posts: Super Deck Solid Stain in Caviar

    Very Top of Railing and Outside Area of Deck: Super Deck Solid Stain in Banyon Brown

  • City: Nashville
  • County: Davidson
  • Neighborhood: Highland Creek
  • Paint Brand Used: Sherwin Williams Superdeck Solid
  • Scope of Work: Sealed Deck Flooring, Railing, Staircase and Posts

Color Insights:

  • Banyon Brown Super Deck Semi-Transparent Stain: This warm and earthy shade for the deck flooring and steps instills a sense of grounding, closely resembling nature's palette. This color perfectly complements the outdoor landscape, making it appear as an extension of the environment.
  • Super Deck Solid Stain in Caviar: This deeper, more luxurious shade for the back of the stair steps and railing posts introduces contrast, sophistication, and a touch of modernity. Its solid hue showcases the rich details of the wooden infrastructure.
  • Super Deck Solid Stain in Banyon Brown: For the top of the railing and the outside area of the deck, this solid stain echoes the semi-transparent shade of the flooring but with a fuller coverage, tying the overall design together harmoniously.

Execution Details:

  • Deck Flooring: The semi-transparent stain in Banyon Brown was applied, enhancing the wood's natural grain while providing it with a protective sealant against external elements.
  • Railing and Staircase: With the strategic use of Caviar and Banyon Brown solid stains, the railings and stairs were dual-toned. This not only boosts the deck's aesthetic appeal but also increases the deck's longevity by preventing wear and tear.

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