Nashville Neutrals: A Symphony of Subtle Tones in Croley Wood

Nestled in the quaint neighborhood of Croley Wood in Nashville, a classic Davidson County home recently experienced an interior metamorphosis. A curated palette of graceful neutrals breathed new life into its heart, crafting spaces that echo serenity, light, and timeless elegance.

  • Chosen Color:

    SW 7042 Shoji White, 

    SW 6253 Olympus White, 

    SW 7029 Agreeable Gray, 

    SW 7042 Shoji White

  • City: Nashville
  • County: Davidson
  • Neighborhood: Croley Wood
  • Paint Brand Used: Sherwin Williams Cashmere
  • Scope of Work: Painted Great Room, Pantry Hall, Front Hallway Lower, Front Entry/Upper Hallway

A Tale of Transcendent Tones:

Every shade selected tells a unique story, one that harmonizes with the interiors' essence. The Sherwin Williams Cashmere line, celebrated for its opulent texture and enduring finish, was the ideal medium to bring out the depth and beauty of these hues.

Celebrating Spaces:

Great Room: The expansive space found its match in Shoji White. This color brings a radiant spaciousness, turning the room into an ideal setting for both intimate conversations and lively gatherings.

Pantry Hall: Dipped in Olympus White, the pantry hall celebrates a hint of cool blue undertones. This shade transforms a transitional space into a captivating passage that promises culinary adventures beyond.

Front Hallway Lower: Agreeable Gray, a true chameleon of neutrals, was reserved for the lower front hallway. Its warm undertone ensures a welcoming embrace, guiding residents and guests alike with its understated charm.

Front Entry/Upper Hallway: For the areas that first greet the inhabitants and their guests, Shoji White makes a return. Its luminous quality brings out the architectural details, creating a lasting first impression.

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