Hermitage Elegance: A Palette of Serenity and Depth

Nestled in the heart of Hermitage within the Oakcrest neighborhood, a home has undergone a transformative paint makeover. Utilizing a balanced blend of soft neutrals with a dash of deep, dramatic flair, this interior paint project sets a tone of sophisticated harmony.

  • Chosen Color:

    Extra White SW 7006 Satin, 

    Extra White SW 7006 Flat, 

    Snowbound SW 7004 : Flat, 

    Dark Night 6237 : Flat, 

    Snowbound SW 7004 Eggshell

  • City: Hermitage
  • County: Davidson
  • Neighborhood: Oakcrest
  • Paint Brand Used: Sherwin Williams Cashmere
  • Scope of Work: Painted Kitchen, Dining Room, Front Hallway, Stairwell, Front Living Room, 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Attic Entry Hallway, Fireplace Den and Upstairs Landing

Layered in Luxe:

Known for its velvety touch and long-lasting finish, Sherwin Williams Cashmere paint has adorned the walls of this residence, ensuring each room shines in its chosen shade.

Room by Room Transformation:

  • Kitchen & Dining Room: The heart of the home is enrobed in Extra White with a satin finish, ensuring durability while maintaining a crisp, clean look.
  • Front Hallway & Stairwell: The journey through the home is accentuated by the soft Snowbound, providing a calm and welcoming passage.
  • Front Living Room, Fireplace Den, 2 Bedrooms, & Upstairs Landing: A bold move with Dark Night gives depth and character to these spaces, making them focal points in the home.
  • 3 Bathrooms: The blend of Snowbound in eggshell finish creates a serene atmosphere, suitable for spaces meant for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Attic Entry Hallway: Bathed in the ever-versatile Extra White in a flat finish, this space offers a neutral transition to the home's more private areas

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