The Pizzazz at Hunts Brothers Pizza: A Canopy Ceiling Transformed

In the heart of Nashville, where the city's rhythm meets the taste of tradition, Hunt Brothers Pizza stands as a testament to quality and dedication. Just like its pizza, every inch of the establishment is crafted with precision, right down to the canopy ceiling.

  • Chosen Color:

    Primer: Kem Kromik Universal Metal Primer

    Finish: Rocky River SW 6215 (Emerald Satin)

  • City: Nashville
  • County: Davidson
  • Paint Brand Used: Sherwin Williams Industrial Enamel
  • Scope of Work: Painted the Canopy Ceiling of Hunt Brothers Pizza

Perfect Prepping Meets Flawless Finish:

The journey to revitalizing the canopy ceiling of Hunt Brothers Pizza began with a critical step – vapor sand blasting the existing paint off. This thorough process ensured a pristine and receptive surface, pivotal for the primer to grip and the subsequent layers of paint to adhere flawlessly.

Once prepped, the canopy ceiling was given a treatment of Kem Kromik Universal Metal Primer. Recognized for its universal application on various metals and its excellent bonding properties, this primer provided the perfect base for the upcoming transformation.

To finalize the transformation, the canopy ceiling was bathed in Rocky River SW 6215. Part of the Sherwin Williams Industrial Enamel collection, this hue's Emerald Satin finish offers a resilient, long-lasting shine that's resistant to the rigors of the elements while radiating a sophisticated charm.

A Modern Makeover for a Culinary Legend:

Hunt Brothers Pizza, with its rich history in Nashville, deserved nothing but the best. Through the meticulous process of vapor sand blasting, priming, and painting with top-tier Sherwin Williams paints, the canopy ceiling's transformation mirrored the excellence the brand represents.

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