Warmth and Comfort in Sanders Ferry, Hendersonville

  • Chosen Color:

    Kitchen: SW6115 Totally Tan

    Dining Room: SW9186 Caramelized in Satin

    Upstairs Studio & Master Bedroom: SW6114 Bagel in Satin

  • City: Hendersonville
  • County: Sumner
  • Neighborhood: Sanders Ferry
  • Paint Brand Used: Sherwin Williams Cashmere
  • Scope of Work: Interior Painting

Project Execution:

  • Interior Spaces: A welcoming and cozy ambiance achieved with the warm tones of SW6115 Totally Tan, SW9186 Caramelized in Satin, and SW6114 Bagel in Satin, showcasing the luxurious touch of Sherwin Williams Cashmere paint.

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