A Deck Revival in Thompson's Station: The Canterbury Transformation by Nash Painting

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Williamson County, the Canterbury subdivision is a community where quality and aesthetics meet. It's here that Nash Painting recently had the pleasure of transforming a deck into a beautiful outdoor living space. Let us walk you through the details of this extraordinary project.

  • Chosen Color:

    Westhighland White SW7566

  • City: Thompson's Station
  • County: Williamson
  • Neighborhood: Canterbury Subdivision
  • Paint Brand Used: Sherwin Williams Superdeck Self Priming Solid
  • Scope of Work: ck Painting (Floor, Railing, Staircase, and Posts)

The Canterbury Deck Revival

This three-part project involved the painting of the deck floor, railing, staircase, and posts. The color of choice, Sherwin Williams' Westhighland White SW7566, illuminated the space, giving it a fresh and inviting look. The quality of the Superdeck Self Priming Solid ensured a finish that was both beautiful and enduring

The transformation was more than a simple coat of paint; it was a revival of a space where memories are made and shared.

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