Cabinet Painting: 5 Ideas to Color-Coordinate Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets

calander Oct 6 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

When it’s time to perform some home interior painting, the first features on your mind might be your walls. No one would blame you for this -- interior walls take up significant real estate in a given room, and they’re visible from every angle, so their appearance has a major impact on the look and feel of your interior spaces. However, there is more to interior painting than updating your walls. Other features deserve attention too, such as your cabinetry.

Indeed, bathroom and kitchen cabinets tend to take up almost as much space as the walls themselves. As such, painting your cabinets provides an excellent opportunity for enhancing your bathroom’s and/or kitchen’s overall aesthetic by complementing the rest of the room. Color coordination can be approached in many different ways, of course. With that in mind, let’s go over five ideas to color-coordinate your bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

1. Going All in on One Color

When we talk about color coordination, we often imagine two or more colors interacting with one another. However, color coordination can also refer to the implementation of a single color on different surfaces. If you want to drive home a particular style for your bathroom or kitchen, you might paint your cabinets the same color as your walls, ceiling, and other features. This lack of contrast can be difficult to pull off and runs the risk of making your room too static, but note that you can still introduce complementary colors via other means that bathroom or kitchen cabinet painting -- if you paint your bathroom entirely beige, you might create visual contrast with rich red towels and bath mats, a bold shower curtain, colorful soap dispensers, and so on. Going this route allows you to change up your room’s color scheme without having to repaint it, as simply changing out decorative features and accessories will do just fine.

2. Playing with Variations of a Single Hue

Perhaps choosing a single color for your cabinetry and room as a whole doesn’t suit your vision. At the same time, though, you might not want to stray too far in terms of how your cabinets are painted vs. your walls, ceiling, etc. If you fall into this category, there is a happy medium to consider: Rather than limit yourself to a single color, experiment with variations of a single hue. For instance, you might want to establish a blue kitchen -- blue comes in many forms, ranging from light, pale options to dark, nearly black tones. One way to color-coordinate your cabinets in your bathroom or kitchen with the rest of the room in this instance would be to choose a certain shade of blue for your cabinetry and another for your walls (i.e. navy or grey-blue cabinets against pale blue walls). This way, you end up with the blue-toned kitchen you desire while also incorporating dynamics and contrast.

Blue isn’t the only hue you might play with, of course. You might ask your interior painting contractors to provide you with samples for variations of orange, red, green, brown, and so on.

3. Establishing a Stark Contrast

If you’re looking to make your kitchen or bathroom really pop, consult the old color wheel to help you visualize which disparate colors work well together and create a powerful contrast. The colors you look for in this scenario should rest on opposite sides of the wheel -- blue and orange, yellow and purple, green and red, etc. Still, there is plenty of nuance and room to maneuver in this attempt to establish a strong juxtaposition between your cabinetry and the rest of the bathroom or kitchen. You might, for instance, have your local painters coat your cabinets dark green and your walls some other color that isn’t red, the natural opposite. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, you might generate color contrast with your decor, not strictly your paint choices.

It’s worth noting that if your cabinets and walls both feature bold colors, this can overwhelm the eye and make your space less appealing, even if said colors are in perfect contrast. So, be mindful of the colors you choose to go head to head as well as how you arrange them.

4. Using White to Balance Bright Colors

Sometimes the best foil to any other color isn’t a color at all, but rather a shade, such as white. Plenty of bathrooms and kitchens can benefit from countering a strong color with white accents. Simply put, introducing white paint creates balance and lightens up any interior. There are many ways to approach this application, too. You might decide to paint your bathroom or kitchen cabinetry white to offset colorful, saturated walls. Or, you might prefer the opposite, painting your walls white to make room for some bold, colorful cabinetry. Beyond these basic options, you can paint molding, baseboards, door frames, and/or window trim, white for some minor contrast, install white countertops, and/or keep your ceiling white to contrast the colors of your walls and cabinets. Applying white paint to your interior surfaces will work no matter how you incorporate it.

5. Using Black to Darken the Atmosphere

Black accents operate similarly to white accents, despite being the polar opposite shade. While white paint balances a colorful interior by creating some bright blank spaces, black paint establishes balance by introducing distinct, dark voids. Black coordinates well with any color and serves to mildly shrink and define a kitchen or bathroom so it’s cozier, easier on the eyes, and blunt. As such, you might consider painting your cabinets black and going with a lighter shade or color for your walls and other features. Or, you might take the plunge and paint your bathroom or kitchen walls black and create contrast with brighter cabinetry and/or countertops.

Cultivating Well-Coordinated Cabinetry

Whether you’re painting your bathroom, kitchen, or any other interior space, color selection and coordination is always a major challenge, even if you have a general vision in your head. It can be difficult to know what the end results will look like, especially under different lighting setups. For these reasons, it’s helpful to work with a Nashville painting company that offers color selection services. At Nash Painting, we won’t choose your colors for you, but we will take the time to understand your needs and goals to help you make the right call for your cabinets and other interior features. We’re proud to continue serving our clients in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN, turning their interior design dreams into realities.

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