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Cabinet Painting Trends in Nashville, TN

calander Oct 12 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

Kitchens are by and large deemed the most valuable rooms of any home. This isn’t to say that other rooms don’t matter -- living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms greatly contribute to a home’s value as well, but kitchens dominate the hierarchy of interior importance for their versatility, functionality, and aesthetic potential. This is why a full kitchen remodel often yields such a high return on investment. Of course, it’s not always necessary nor practical to gut your kitchen and transform it entirely. In fact, some relatively minor changes can drastically improve the look of your kitchen. More specifically, kitchen cabinet painting, staining, and/or refinishing, are worthwhile investments if your cabinets are looking decrepit, outdated, or stale.

Of course, it’s one thing to decide that you want to update your cabinets -- it’s another thing entirely to determine exactly what you wish to do with them. You’ve got options, which is both a blessing and a curse. If you’re struggling to decide how to coat your cabinets, looking to local trends can give you some much-needed inspiration. With that in mind, let’s go over some recent cabinet painting trends found in Nashville, TN and nearby areas.

Top Cabinet Painting Trends in Nashville

From Bare Wood to Bright White

When it comes to home interior painting in general, white is a time-tested, safe, effective option. This blank shade brightens up any space and provides a neutral backdrop to any other colors in front of it. There are caveats to painting your surface white, of course -- the smallest stains can stand out against a pale surface, so more cleaning and care are required compared to darker options. Also, if you use low-quality paint and/or fail to apply the necessary number of coats, the underlying surface might show through the light paint. That said, properly painted white cabinets can elevate the atmosphere of any kitchen. Top off the job with some fresh countertops and new hardware and you’ll manage to transform your kitchen without completely tearing it apart.

Creamy Cabinets

If you’ve perused enough paint aisles, you know that “white” is not one thing. Different brands and color collections contain various shades of white, some starker than others. You might find that the purest white tones come off as too bright or harsh. If so, you’d be in good company with other Nashville homeowners who prefer a softer, creamier color for their cabinetry. Off-whites and creams carry most of the same benefits as pure white paints, suiting most color schemes, brightening up the room, and adding a modern touch. You might decide to paint your entire kitchen this color, or you might contrast the creamy white cabinets with darker walls, countertops, backsplashes, and/or decor.

Going Grey

In Nashville, TN, and many other regions, grey is in vogue for interior spaces, and cabinets are no exception. Like white, grey is a neutral shade that serves to emphasize other colors and accents in a given space. Because grey is darker than white, it adds definition, slightly shrinking a room without making it feel too enclosed. Grey kitchen cabinets make for a modern kitchen and evoke a sense of calmness -- there is no eye strain when gazing upon grey surfaces. If you’re concerned that painting your cabinets grey will make your kitchen come off as drab, consider accenting the space with green plant life, colorful artwork, fresh bowls of fruit, bright hardwood floors, and so on. Your interior painting contractors can help you choose which shade of grey might best suit your kitchen considering factors such as natural and artificial lighting, decor, hardware, etc.

Cabinet Contrast

If there is one Nashville cabinet painting trend that prevails today regardless of color choices, it’s the concept of contrast. We’ve already discussed how neutral shades like white, cream, and grey lend themselves to accentuating other colors and features. Indeed, contrasting lighter cabinets with darker walls and/or backsplashes can make a kitchen more dynamic. But cabinets don’t have to adopt these lighter, neutral shades to aid in achieving this contrast. Homeowners can pull off black cabinets if the rest of the space provides enough contrast and light to prevent the room from feeling overly dark and confined.

Other colors, like blue, red, and green can also work well for cabinets as long as they’re balanced by other tones. So, while you might mostly find lighter, neutral cabinetry in Nashville and nearby areas, the primary trend you’ll notice is that the cabinets are contrasted with the surrounding features in order to enhance the overall appearance of the room. You will, of course, find exceptions to this trend. Some homeowners might prefer to paint their entire room essentially one color.

Stain With Style

If you’re considering updating your cabinetry, note that painting isn’t your only option -- staining stands to benefit for cabinets and your kitchen, too. This simple renovation can make your kitchen more rustic or more modern depending on your approach and preference. Whereas paint is meant to coat the top layer of a surface to hide imperfections and alter its color, stain is designed to penetrate the wood and deliver a glossy, semi-transparent finish that enunciates the material’s natural beauty. Staining your cabinets limits the range of colors you can choose from but still allows you to darken and/or adjust their tone to suit your overall decor. In Nashville and elsewhere, local painters can attest that beautifully-stained wooden cabinets are highly sought after. As such, this option is worth your consideration.

Keeping Up With Cabinet Painting Trends

The choice is ultimately yours regarding how you update your cabinets and any other part of your property. Local trends don’t have to be followed, but they can help you get on the right track. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you work with a Nashville painting company that pays attention to your wants, needs, and concerns while providing quality services that yield the best results. At Nash Painting, our professional painters can fill you in on local painting trends and help you make the right call for your home or business, whether you’re in Nashville, Brentwood, or Franklin, TN. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!