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How to Choose Long-Lasting Paint

calander Mar 10 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

When it’s time to paint your property, you want results that look great and last a long time. Otherwise, you might find yourself breaking out the paintbrushes again sooner than you’d like. Fortunately, most paint products have improved in quality over the years. That said, some paints are better than others. Whether you’re looking for the best exterior or interior house paint, here are some tips for choosing long-lasting paint.

The Price is Right

We have a saying at Nash Painting: nothing’s more expensive than a cheap paint job. By “cheap” we’re both referring to the quality of preparation and application, as well as the quality of the paint itself. In other words, saving a buck on your home painting project in the short term will likely cost you more in the long run, since you’ll have to perform touch-ups more frequently. So, as you’re looking for long-lasting paint options, consider that cheaper products will be less durable. Of course, you don’t want to go over your budget and purchase the most expensive paints for the sake of it, either. The operative word here is “value.” You want to purchase the best paint for the right price.

Composition Considerations

Paints differ in their composition, too. The three main types are latex, acrylic, and oil-based paint, each offering varying levels of durability and other qualities. For instance, latex paint (which is water-based), while easy to clean and remove, is also the least enduring. The other water-based option, acrylic paint, lasts longer than latex paint, and is a popular choice for both interior and exterior house paint. And oil-based paints are also long-lasting, making them good candidates for exterior projects. However, oil-based paints may contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be bad for one’s respiratory health and the environment.

Match the Material

The different types of paint outlined above are also more or less optimal for different types of surfaces. Put another way, a certain type of paint might last longer when applied to, say, a wooden surface, but less so when applied to brick or concrete. So, for the best, longest-lasting results, always use the right paint for the material you’re painting.

Focus on Finish

The paint’s finish (or sheen) also plays a role in its durability. The glossier the finish, the stronger the paint. So, flat and matte paints typically won’t last as long as semi-gloss or high-gloss paints. That said, flatter finishes do a good job of hiding surface imperfections. Most homeowners go with satin or eggshell finishes, as they fall somewhere in between flat and high-gloss options, delivering the best of both worlds. If your main priority is longevity, however, the more shine, the better.

Always Prepare and Prime

Local painters can tell you that even if you choose a high-quality paint for your home, it won’t last as long as possible if you don’t properly prepare the surface before painting. This includes cleaning, removing old paint, sanding, and priming. Taking these steps will allow any paint to better adhere to the surface and stick around longer as a result.

Ask the Pros

Even with the tips outlined above, choosing the right paint for your property can be challenging, especially with so many brands and products out there. When in doubt, seek some advice from a reliable Nashville painting company. At Nash Painting, we use professional-grade, top-quality Sherwin Williams primers, paints, and finishes to help our clients realize their vision. And our team is available throughout the project to answer questions and address concerns. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!