How to Know When Your House Needs a New Paint Job

calander Sep 15 , 2016 user-icon Nash Painting

If you have to ask yourself if your house needs a new paint job, odds are you probably do. Your house is your treasure and you should find ways to keep it in pristine condition. One way to do this is to stay on top of your “painting timeline” (i.e. when you received your last painting) to ensure that your house does not become that house that all the neighbors on the street are talking about. Below are some key indicators that you should keep in mind when deciding if you are ready for a new paint job.

Peeling Paint

Peeling paint is a telltale sign that your house is due for a painting. A common misconception is that paint’s only use is to make your house look pretty. In actuality, paint protects your house from moisture and other harmful elements. The reason paint starts to peel is that moisture accumulates under the layer of paint and breaks the bond between the paint and the surface. If your paint is peeling, you are long overdue for a new painting.

Gaps or Shrinks

If the board on the exterior of your house appears to be shrinking, don’t just assume that you are hallucinating. That gap between those boards is not a pigment of your imagination. In fact, shrinking boards could be a warning of dry rot, which occurs when moisture infiltrates the wood and causes serious damage. If you notice your boards are “magically” shrinking, it’s probably time for a paint job.


The fading color of your house means two things: your house is no longer as aesthetically appealing as it once was and more importantly, you are losing the protective surface of your house. While looks are important, they aren’t everything. This new color indicates that sun damage has weakened the protection layer of paint, which makes your house more susceptible to other problems.

Cracking Stucco

Many stucco home owners are told that the stucco sliding will last much longer than wood sliding. While this is indeed the case, your stucco is far from invincible. Hairline cracks in your stucco is a major signal that your house needs a new paint job. The cracks – similar to the other deformities in your home’s external surface – allows moisture to gain access into the wood. And you know what happens when moisture makes its way in….time for a new paint job.


The general rule of thumb regarding paint jobs is to receive one every 5 years. So if your home was built less than 5 years ago and is not experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, you should be fine. But let’s say your home was built more than 5 years ago and is not facing any notable problems. Should you let it be? Absolutely not. If your home was built over 5 years ago, it’s time for a new paint job.

Well, there you have it. If you believe your house suffers from any of these issues, take the initiative to paint your house as soon as possible. And don’t feel obligated to paint the house yourself. Have your home painted by an experienced professional contractor who knows all about these symptoms and can help prevent their recurrence for as long as possible.