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Why Hiring Pros Helps Plan Your Painting Project Around a Busy Household

calander Sep 20 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

When life gets busy, home improvements can quickly become the last things on our minds. Eventually, however, the need to repaint your walls or house exterior might become too extreme to ignore. When that time comes, you’ll likely find yourself in a bind. Even if you enjoy tackling painting projects on your own, you might simply not have the time or energy to do it yourself. That said, hiring a painting company can seem like a burden in its own right. Not only does it cost more to hire professionals, but it’s not always easy to know whether the company you hire will deliver quality results. If you do your due diligence when comparing painting services, however, the pros often outweigh the cons. Sure, you might pay more up front to receive professional help, but the best contractors minimize much of the hassle involved in preparing for and executing a paint job. Moreover, a high-quality paint job should last you a long time, making the initial cost more than worth it.

Let’s further explore why hiring the right professionals can help you plan your painting project despite dealing with a busy household and schedule.

Free Estimates Make it Easier to Budget

Unless money isn’t an object for you, a significant amount of your planning time will be spent breaking down your budget. If you’re not familiar with painting costs in your area, this task is an uphill battle. Not only must you determine the amount of money you can reasonably spend on home painting -- you must also figure out whether that figure can accommodate your needs. Fortunately, professional home painting services can facilitate this process by offering comprehensive (and in many cases, free) estimates. They will ask you questions to discover the project’s scope before making measurements and ultimately coming up with a detailed estimate of the project’s projected cost. Once you’ve got this quote at your disposal, you can more readily decide whether or not the project (or the painting company) is feasible at this time. It’s often best to receive multiple estimates to get an even better handle on your finances and vision.

Larger, Experienced Teams Mean Efficient Processes

Because painting projects vary so much in size and scope, the time it takes to complete one will also vary quite a bit. Regardless of this fact, however, there’s no question that everyone prefers a shorter project to a longer one, so long as there is no sacrifice in quality -- this is especially true for those with busy households. While a DIY painting project can take days, weeks, or months on end to finish, professional interior house painters can complete the job in a fraction of the time for a few key reasons. For one thing, professionals have more experience under their belts, meaning they’ve developed superior methods for surface prep, painting, cleaning, etc. Moreover, painting projects go much quicker when more people are involved (assuming they’re well-coordinated), and professional painting companies will provide the right-sized team for the task at hand. Professionals also come equipped with modern equipment and quality products that facilitate everything from surface preparation to painting itself. All of these advantages result in a streamlined process from start to finish.

Professionals Work with Your Schedule

Time is always of the essence inside a busy household. Therefore, proper scheduling is vital when planning and executing a residential painting project. While different painting services operate on different schedules, the best professionals do what they can to accommodate their clients’ calendar and daily lives. Even if you’re unable to be around the house at all times, trustworthy and reliable professional painters will work at maximum capacity to get as much done as they can with minimal interference. In short, your painting team will find ways to get the job done despite possible distractions and hurdles in your home.

Many Pro Painters Tackle More than Merely Painting

Proper preparation is essential for achieving successful, long-lasting exterior and interior paint jobs alike. Knowing this, many professional painting services handle much more than simply painting. For interior painting projects, professionals can clear out rooms, cover surfaces with drop cloths, clean, sand, and repair walls, and so on -- for exteriors, painters may deliver pressure washing services, scrape away loose or chipped paint, sand down siding, etc. While it’s possible to tackle some or all of this prep work on your own, chances are you won’t have the capacity to do so in such a busy household. So, knowing that your painting services can provide all of these additional services can be a major relief, especially considering they can complete this prep work much quicker and with better results.

Receive a Color Consultation

Picking out paint colors takes time -- a lot of time, in most cases. While you might have a vague idea of how you wish your surfaces to look, learning how to select interior paint colors (or exterior colors) takes time and experience. After all, colors look different under different types of lighting and when juxtaposed with other colors. Unless you’ve got a background in interior design, color psychology, or a similar field, chances are you could use some assistance here, especially if your time and attention are already stretched thin. Fear not; professional painters sometimes offer color consultations to streamline this process, too. These sessions will help you select the right colors for different parts of your home based on a variety of factors, including your personal preferences, lighting setup, contrast with other colors, local trends, and much more.

Better Results Mean Fewer Headaches in the Future

Getting ready for a new paint job is stressful even if you’re not dealing with a busy household. The fewer times you have to worry about such a project, the better. The best way to reduce the frequency of paint projects is to invest in high-quality work from the outset. If and when your professional exterior house painters do their very best work, it should hold up for years (if not decades) to come (with proper maintenance, of course). Moreover, many professional painting companies back their work with guarantees and/or warranties so that if anything should go wrong, they hold themselves accountable for amending the issue. As a result, you can focus more on your busy schedule and less on home improvements.

Too Busy to Paint this Season?

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