Why You Should Take Care of Carpentry Repairs Before Painting

calander Dec 13 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

When your property is in desperate need of interior or exterior painting, it’s common to develop tunnel vision, focusing only on the painting portion of the project. However, proper painting doesn’t occur in a vacuum. The best-looking, longest-lasting paint jobs require various preparations, including cleaning, repairs, and priming. Failing to take these preliminary steps will only set you up for bigger problems down the road, so you must broaden the scope of your painting project before getting started.

Carpentry repairs are often needed for exteriors and interiors alike, and these repairs come in a variety of forms. After all, wood can undergo many types of damage, such as warping, moisture intrusion, rot, fracturing, and more. As tempting as it might be to simply paint over these deteriorating surfaces, you won’t do yourself or your wooden features any favors by merely concealing the issues at hand. Here we’ll explore in more detail why you should always take care of carpentry repairs and installations before painting.

Why You Should Work on Carpentry Repairs Before Painting

New Coatings Won’t Last Long on Shoddy Surfaces

For starters, even the best paint jobs will have a shorter lifespan when applied to surfaces in poor condition. This applies to interior and exterior painting alike. If you want the best painting results, you’ll want to do everything in your power to prepare the surfaces you wish to paint. As previously mentioned, these prerequisite steps include tasks such as repairing, cleaning, and priming. Not every surface will require repairs, of course, but those that do may need extensive care to move on to the cleaning, priming, and painting phases. Ultimately, any surface you paint should be in like-new condition and primed to ensure incoming coats of paint properly adhere. Taking all of these steps can seem cumbersome, but doing so will yield optimal painting outcomes, reducing the amount of touch-ups you have to perform in the future.

Painting Over Rotted Wood Won’t Solve the Problem

Rot is one of the prevailing problems facing wooden surfaces, especially those that face the outside world. When moisture makes its way into wood’s pores, it can create a habitable and appealing environment for fungi. These fungi may then gradually digest the wood’s fibers, leading the material to lose its strength and color. Painting over rotted wood can temporarily cover up this internal issue, but it will only prolong the inevitable. Unless you take active measures to stop the rot from spreading and/or cut it out entirely, it will continue to eat away at the affected wooden features. No matter how badly you want to paint over rotted wood, you must first address the issue. Fortunately, properly sealing and/or painting your fresh wooden features will help keep rot at bay.

Discovering Root Causes will Save You Time and Money in the Long Run

You can’t make repairs until you’re aware of the issues that require your attention -- this is why it’s crucial to assess your surfaces before starting on your exterior or interior painting project. By taking a closer look at your surfaces, you can come across various problems that need fixing before moving on to the next step. In some cases, these problems will be minor and easy to fix. Other times, however, you might come across a deeper issue like water damage. While it’s never ideal to run into such a problem, discovering it early on will allow you to properly solve it so it doesn’t continue to harm your property and give you headaches. In this sense, one of the reasons to tackle repairs before painting is to stay on top of potential problems like this. Once you’ve resolved these issues, you can paint with more peace of mind and know that you’re saving yourself time and money in the long term.

Structural Soundness Is Essential for Safety

The condition of your property is directly related to the safety of everyone inside or near it. A wooden deck that’s beset with rot, for instance, becomes a major safety hazard for anyone planning to spend time on it (countless deck collapses have occurred in part due to unchecked rot and deterioration). No amount of wood deck stain or paint will magically make your deck safer if it’s already falling apart and continuing to be neglected at this foundational level. That said, high-quality coatings can help prevent your deck and other wooden surfaces from losing their integrity, but only if they’re applied to surfaces that have already been fixed up and reinforced. In other words, carpentry repairs must come before painting or staining if you wish to keep your property and its occupants safe.

Paint Is the Final Level of Protection, Not a Quick Fix

Though paint is often seen as merely an aesthetic measure, the proper application of quality paint products also helps protect and maintain underlying surfaces. However, surfaces of all kinds require more than just a coat or two of paint to stand the test of time. Regular maintenance like cleaning and light repair work is key not only for keeping your painted surfaces beautiful but also for keeping them sturdy. In other words, painting services aren’t the only services to consider hiring when caring for your property -- you’ll also want to seek pressure washing services, repair professionals, and more. The best move is to find a comprehensive local provider that offers all of these services and more under one roof.

Consider the Big Picture

You never want to get ahead of yourself when improving your home or business. If you tackle tasks out of order, you might end up needing to back track or redo something, costing you valuable time and money. Painting is typically the last thing you’ll do over the course of such a project, and for good reason. Let’s say you paint your entire kitchen only to realize you also want to install some new cabinets. You can still move forward with your project, but now you run the risk of damaging your new paint job, plus you’ll need to invest in additional paint to coat your new cabinets. If you had instead planned the entire project in advance, you would have purchased the necessary amount of paint and other supplies from the outset -- plus, you could get all the painting done in one fell swoop at the very end, streamlining the project as a whole. In this way, taking care of carpentry repairs and installations prior to painting is simply practical.

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