Color Selection Disclaimer

Color selection errors can ruin an otherwise flawless project. Please thoroughly read this to avoid any misunderstandings! We want you to love the colors you choose.

COLOR MATCHING: This requires your involvement and approval prior to the start of your project. We will not be responsible for color match results, and we will only use a color match that you have reviewed and approved.

ONLINE COLORS: Any color selected from a digital screen will not be represented with complete accuracy. Once you confirm your color, we are not responsible for color matching anything except the color chip of your choice directly from Sherwin Williams.

NON-SHERWIN WILLIAMS COLORS: You must approve the SW competitor color crossover match prior to us starting your project.

CUSTOMER-SUPPLIED PAINT: Using alternative paint can cause a number of problems, including (but not limited to) the following: color flashing, improper adhesion, lumps in paint, and coverage issues resulting in additional coat charges and/or additional gallons needed. Old paint can have lumps, or pigment separation, causing colors to change throughout the project since heavier pigments stay near the bottom of the bucket even after stirring. We do not warranty work unless we supply the paint. Nash Painting will not take responsibility for finish, or longevity. You are responsible for purchasing and providing any additional paint needed to finish the project, per your contract.

ALTERNATIVE BRAND: Nash Painting exclusively uses Sherwin Williams products; other brands may not perform in the same way. If you choose an alternative brand, Nash Painting will not be held responsible for additional coats that may be needed, material cost, or finish quality (flashing, texture, coverage, or adhesion). We also do not warranty work unless we supply Sherwin Williams paint.
SHEEN EFFECT: All color decks are represented in a flat sheen. Every sheen increase will also slightly increase the darkness of the color. If you are very concerned about getting an exact color, you are required to purchase 1 gallon of product in the correct sheen to verify your color. We are not responsible for sheen effect.

SEMI-TRANSPARENT STAIN: Translucent stains will not hide imperfections. Previous coats or stains that may be on a deck will impact the depth of the final color. Existing sun and rain damage to deck boards will cause the stain to look either darker or lighter, depending on the condition. Nash Painting suggests using a solid stain or elastomeric deck or fence coating whenever the existing condition includes damage, stains, or previous color retention. Nash Painting will not take responsibility for the final color outcome of semi-transparent stains. The best practice is to select a similar semi-transparent color knowing that it will be slightly darker on previously-coated decks.

ELASTOMERIC SUPERDECK: Duckback paints were purchased by Sherwin Williams. Unfortunately, old Superdeck and Dock colors do not work correctly with the Sherwin Williams tint machines. Because of this, we will not accept any colors that start with DD. Instead, any standard Sherwin Williams color deck color may be selected. If you choose a color from an alternative brand, colors are subject to the policies outlined above that relate to color matching or the use of non-SW brand products.

CUSTOMER APPROVAL: If for any reason we do not get match approval from you and there is a color discrepancy, you will be responsible for the resulting wasted paint and/or labor at current rates. This serves as notice to select colors based on the guidelines above.

Any alteration to this disclaimer must be put in the written contract and approved by both parties to overrule this agreement prior to work starting.