Interior Color Selections

We need your input on a sheen and color selection. We use and prefer Sherwin Williams colors, but if you have colors you like from other national brands in most cases Sherwin Williams has the formulas for those colors as well. Matched colors are seldom exact matches so if you are very specific on your color selection, it is a good idea to get a color sample. We provide up to two Sherwin Williams Color-to-Go samples for free with any project. Additional samples are just under $7 each and can be picked up at your convenience at your local Sherwin Williams.

Learn more about Paint Sheens and Color Issues

Keep in mind that Nash Painting includes up to 4 colors per project with no additional charge. Additional colors are billable at $75 per color. This covers labor to clean tools, additional roller skins and wasted leftover paint. Nash Painting typically uses Extra White Flat on ceilings, and Extra White Semi Gloss on trim unless otherwise noted. Additional charges may be needed for additional coats from a color change on trim or ceiling.



Nash painting is not responsible for the outcome of colors selected on computer, phone or tablet screens. Different screen resolutions, pixel counts, brightness and many other variables can greatly affect the actual appearance of the color. If you are very particular on the color please visit your local Sherwin Williams store to select a color chip prior to color submissions.

Ex. Master Bedroom / Benjamin Moore Cotton White / Flat
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