How Replacing Your Trim Can Make a Big Difference

calander Jan 11 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

There’s a lot to think about when preparing to make home improvements. Where should you begin? Which projects should take priority? And what will your budget allow (for example: how much does it really cost to install crown molding?)? For most people, painting resides at the top of this to-do list -- after all, changing your property’s color scheme goes a long way toward transforming its appearance. However, interior and exterior painting aren’t the only tasks that can change your home’s appeal for the better. Indeed, refreshing, repairing, and/or replacing your trim can make a big difference in the way your home looks and feels, and can also increase its value and help protect your surfaces.

How Trim Replacement Can Help Your Home

Alter the Style of Your Interior

What makes a home modern? Perhaps a better question would be: what determines a home’s overall style? The answer is multi-faceted, of course, but the shape, size, design, and orientation of a home’s interior trim plays a major role in defining its aesthetic. Changing out thin, basic trim with larger, wider, ornamented pieces can give a drab property classic appeal. Conversely, replacing intricate crown molding with something more sleek and smooth can instantly modernize an interior. Simply put, replacing trim in a thoughtful manner can alter and unify the style of home’s inside feel without needing to overhaul other major aspects (i.e. tearing down walls or replacing every piece of furniture). That said, tasks such as interior painting and decorating can achieve similar results, just in different ways. Tackling all of these interior projects in concert will achieve the strongest effect.

Reduce Those Rough Edges

Baseboards and ceiling moldings help get rid of those harsh intersecting lines between floors and walls and walls and ceilings, respectively. This effect might not seem all that important, but interiors that lack these key types of trim often look unfinished and call attention to themselves (not in a good way, either). If your trim is broken or missing altogether, installing fresh baseboards and ceiling moldings will swiftly make your room more cohesive and beautiful. Even the most basic trim can go a long way in this regard.

Better Protect Your Surfaces

Trim isn’t merely decorative, even if it seems that way. Aside from the visual appeal offered by these features, trim can serve as a sort of shield against impact, dirt, scuffs, and other elements that might damage your walls and their paint job. Baseboards, for instance, help prevent shoes from bumping and scratching against the lower portions of walls. And chair rails, as their name suggests, stop furniture from backing all the way into surrounding walls. Properly installed trim also provides an additional seal that keeps moisture, pests, and other external contaminants from entering your home through the cracks. Even if your interior is outfitted with plenty of trim, it might not offer the level of protection you’re looking for, especially if it’s cracked, coming loose, and/or flimsy. To better protect your walls and interior spaces as a whole, consider replacing your old trim with larger, sturdier installations, such as modern wainscotting, taller chair rails and baseboards, and so on.

Open the Door to a More Welcoming Atmosphere

You might take them for granted, but doors are some of the most important features of any home -- they’re the portals that allow entry into your home and separate one room from another. If you wish to make your home more inviting, then, focusing on the style of your doors and their frames is a good place to start. In particular, embellishing your front door with bold exterior and interior trim will make a strong statement. Of course, if you’re going to replace the trim on and around your doors, you might also consider updating their hardware and possibly refinishing them for the full effect.

Make for More Captivating Curb Appeal

So far we’ve mostly been discussing the merits of replacing interior trim, but the trim gracing your house exterior deserves just as much attention. Indeed, your home’s exterior window trim, door frames, and frieze boards, and other decorative displays are often the first features onlookers see from the curb when perusing your property. Even if you’re not interested in putting your place up for sale, who wouldn’t want to be the envy of their neighbors? And those who do wish to put their property on the market in the near future can reap major rewards from replacing their exterior trim with more modern, elegant installations. According to a 2018 Metrie survey, 62% of respondents (real estate professionals) noted that trim is a significant determinant of a home’s appeal and 97% said that trim and moldings have an impact on a home’s market price -- 90% said they would likely recommend a trim upgrade to their clients. If you’re looking to boost your home’s value, then, residential exterior painting isn’t the only worthwhile investment -- trim replacement can take you far, too.

Trimming Away Old and Outdated Features

You might be happy with the design of your current trim. However, if these features have been in place for a long time, you might have little choice but to replace them in the near future. If, for instance, a pressure washer can’t remove all the dirt, grime, and stains that have accumulated on your trim over the years, your only options are to refresh your trim with a new coat of paint or install new trim to replace it. An exterior painting contractor might be able to restore your old trim, but if the damage is severe enough, you’re better off investing in new trim, even if it resembles the look of what you had before.

Your interior and exterior trim might not be the first features on your mind when planning to update your property, but they deserve your attention. Replacing your trim can allow you to transform your home’s style, better protect its surfaces, create a more welcoming and appealing atmosphere, boost your home’s market value, and more. Whether you need your trim repaired, restored, or replaced, the experts at Nash Painting have you covered. We proudly serve homeowners and business owners all across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!