What kind of people are we looking for?

If you consider yourself a professional painter that is just the beginning of what we need. We are looking for responsible, professional, clean, trustworthy people who are passionate about painting, customer satisfaction, and pristine paint finishes. We are not your typical painting company who will hire a pro and put up with the baggage simply because they know what they are doing. Our standards are higher because our clients deserve trustworthy professionals in and around their homes and families. 

If the owner cannot trust you in his home, you won’t be entering our customers homes.


If you are still reading you are probably the kind of person we are looking for.

We are looking for the rock stars of the painting industry. If you feel this is you and your skills will add value and build customer confidence in Nash Painting we would love for you to fill out the application below. We can't wait to meet you.

Here is a tip for your application. Most people search the internet and fill out applications and could care less who hires them as long as they get a job. Most painters look at painting jobs as disposable and easily replaced. We want people who WANT to work for Nash Painting. We want people who WANT a long term position with a company they care about. Be sure to include in your application why you WANT to work for us and your intentions for the future. Another tip is concerning wages. We are not opposed to a starting salary above normal, however, you could be let go if we feel you have overpriced yourself even if we like you. We give reviews every 90 days so start where you feel comfortable.

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Please share as many references as you can. Prior employers, personal references. Names, Titles and phone numbers. By filling in this information you acknowledge that we may call them concerning your employment.
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